1 Jun 2015

Healthy Food for Cati!

My "best blogworld friend"  Cati (aka BBF) asked me
if I would be so kind and share my experiences
on the subject of "Healthy Food for the whole family".
And because I am so very good and know a LOT about how to eat healthily
and how to satisfy your beloved ones by cooking them good, well-balanced, varied meals every day,
I am more than happy to reveal the oh-so-good recipe of today's afternoon dish.

You need:

50g unsalted butter + a pinch of salt
50g salted butter

250g plain flour
4 eggs
500mls milk

a husband/boyfriend/partner/friend
kitchen cleaning solution
a cloth

Put the flour into a mixing bowl.

Add eggs and milk and

a pinch of salt.


Melt the butter in a small bowl in a microwave.
Make sure, to put the temperature on a high level
that the butter explodes during the melting process
and covers all the inside of the microwave.
Get your husband/partner/boyfriend/friend
to take the kitchen cleaning solution and a cloth
to clean the microwave.
If you have NO husband/partner/boyfriend/friend to hand,
omit the explode-butter-in-microwave-step!
Just MELT it carefully.
While the microwave is being cleaned by someone,
melt 50g butter in a small pot on the hob.
At LOW temperature.
NO explosion needed this time.
(SKIP his step, if your butter-melting-task had ended successfully without a mess)
Add the melted butter to flour-eggs-milk-mixture and whisk.

"Paint" the bottom of a rather large frying, pan
with a bit of butter.
Wait, until the pan is hot enough.
Put dough into the pan.
Just enough to cover the
base of the pan with a thin layer!
If you don't have a fancy
 ( I don't!)
just carefully swing the pan around a bit
until the whole base is covered.
Just remember:

Wait until the top of the layer of dough is dry
and firm and turn it over.

Put it onto a plate and spread chocolate spread
(spread spread spread)
over 1/4 of the whole circle.
Like that:

Now the origami part:

...fold again and again...



Oh.... you said HEALTHY.
Um.... eeeerrrm...
There are super healthy nuts in the chocolate spread.
And milk. Milk is important.
The calcium and all... you know yourself.
Healthy... satisfied family... I got it all covered.
You're welcome!

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  1. Thank you so much Lena! As it turns out, I have been eating very healthy all that time without even knowing that I do! How relieving :-P And that thing with the butter and the microwave? Tried it on Saturday, but it didn't work. Had to do all the cleanig myself...