5 Jun 2015

You're not like them.

At some stage in your life
you might come upon people
who seem to like to upset you a lot.
By the way they talk to you. Or about you.

In a quite rude way, without being asked, they might start a conversation about your most personal matters. ALL. THE. TIME.
Like your post-baby body shape. Or about your decision to breastfeed. About your way of wearing make-up everyday. Or not wearing it some night, because you hadn't expected any visitors. About your decision to try not to eat meat. And of course about your hair. That you shouldn't wear it like that.
Or they treat you as if you needed their advice on how to cope with normal day-to-day tasks, just because you're a few years younger than them. And therefore, they know better. And they like to tell you that. They might use every opportunity to try to educate you, even. And they just don't see, how you feel. That they sometimes hurt you a lot. That they make you cry. Sometimes. After they're gone home again.
They "don't mean it".
They think it's funny.
They do it, because you're just not like them.

And then...
They fuck up BIG TIME!!!

And your very first thoughts are:
"Hahaaa!!! That serves them right!!! Now its payback time, folks!"

But... you think a little more and watch them fucking up. You lean back and think and listen... and finally... you just feel sorry. You're astounded at how they did it. And you pity. That's all.

Because, you're just not like them.

You lucky duck.


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