14 Jun 2015

Creative Sunday

Yesterday was a bit of a shitty one.
After Alfie had decided to wake me up at at 6:14am,
I jumped around the house all day,
looked after everyone's needs,
drove the girl to her football and Irish dancing training,
tidied up the house,
did the laundry works,
made lunch, snacks, dinner,
cleaned, fed, washed, ran, drove, fed again, read baby books, sang, folded, put up laundry, took down laundry, tidied up again and again...
The same things I do every day, really.

But it was SATURDAY.
WEEKEND, like.
When most people are OFF work.

At the end of the day, I was rather exhausted.
In desperate need of a break and some me-time.
I had a lump in my throat.
I couldn't stop yawning.

The best husband in the world read my face. He knew, I was about to cry. He understood. He gave me a hug. And today...
...he took the kids to the park.
He entertained them ALL DAY LONG!!!

And I had the house all for myself.
So I blew the dust off my sewing machines,
went through my piles of fabrics,
and after a long long break of NOT sewing,
I started getting really creative.
And by the time the kids and Gerd returned from their trip, I was uber relaxed, happy, and delighted with myself.

This is one of the few things I made.
And it feels so good to be creative.
I wish, I had more time.


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