18 Jun 2015

What's in my makeup bag?

Sinéad from Bumbles of Rice asked other bloggers
if they would show the content of their makeup bags.

I think it is a lovely idea to share tips and tricks with other sleep-deprived mums
to let us help each other "to look human after theee hours sleep."

And of course, I'm quite nosy sometimes.
I just like to see other peoples makeup bags. Ha!

Even though I wear makeup since nearly 20 years now, be warned: I don't use fancy brushes or applicators, I don't buy extraordinary makeup brands and I don't watch vlogs to be up-to-date regarding new stuff on the face painting market out there.

But now: Let's go!

I take a shower every single morning.
I simply don't function without one.
Even if it's only a 2-minutes-speedy one,
I NEED that to feel comfortable.
I wash my face in the shower, too,
(Of course. Try NOT to wash your face in the shower
and tell me how you got on. Thank you.) 
and 2-3 times a week I give it a scrub.
I've got very dry, sensitive skin.
And it all got worse after my 2nd pregnancy.
But these two products really do a good job for me.
I use the Garnier Moisture + always at night
and sometimes in the morning.
Sometimes, I use the BB cream instead.
In the morning.
I love both products.
I also use make-up every day.
If I went for the BB cream in the morning,
I only use a very small amount
on top of that.
If I went for the moisturiser,
I use a bit more.
I have no explanation, why and when I use what.
I just do either the one thing
or the other.
Only a bit.
To contour the cheekbones.
I use a travel-brush thing.
You take off the lid
and push up the tuft
and apply the blush.
At the moment it's a Maybelline one.
I don't really like the colour,
it's a bit to "pinkish" for my skin tone.
But I couldn't be bothered to spend more money
for just another blush.
Typical me.
My pencil collection.
Every day: Eyebrow pencil.
Black kajal.
Sometimes: Grey kajal.
Very rare: Turquoise eye liner.
More for the odd night out.
Once a year.
Twice, maybe.
The use of eye shadow is reserved for weekends
or special occasions.
Sometimes, if I remember to,
I use the liquid one DURING THE WEEK, EVEN!!!
I know.
Call me posh!
I love it, actually.
I should use it more often.
The Smoky-Eye-Triple-Thing from Rimmel
is used more frequently.
For evening events.
The second n the line, the turquoise one matches the turquoise eye liner.
The brown/beige Rimmel stuff just went in the bin.
I maybe used it once or twice.
It makes my eyes looking even MORE tired.
Nobody wants that.
Last but not least
and used EVERY day:
Black mascara.
I like this one a lot.
It's not expensive,
it's applied quickly
and that's what I need in the morning.
Because after applying all the other
different creams,
sprays etc...
the patience of my baby boy is almost used up
and he's clinging to my leg.
Screaming for attention.
The poor fella.
That's it.
My facial morning routine.
It looks as if I spend ages in the bathroom.
But I don't.
The face painting takes me about 5 minutes.
5 well-spent minutes.
Because if I don't plaster
the black circles,
the blemishes and creases
and if I don't moisturise my poor dry skin
every morning...
I simply don't feel well.
This was my contribution to this linky.
If you want to see more make-up bags,
read more about mammies hiding nightshift traces behind layers of beauty products
or if you want to share your make-up bag content and your morning-beauty-secrets
with the blog world and the www, you can do it all ...
... HERE!
Happy reading!


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