29 Jun 2015

A Family Day Out in Galway

Last weekend, we took the kids to Galway.
We had great plans to take them to the beach. And we packed a big picnic, blankets, towels, spare clothes, shovels, buckets and family-sized bottles of sunscreen (Haha!). We dressed the kids, tossed millions of bags, sacks, things and bits into the car and headed off direction Galway.
To go to the beach.
To dig up sand.
To collect shells.
To enjoy the sea breeze.
To have a picnic in the sand.
It was going to be SO MUCH FUN.
The closer we got to Galway, the darker the sky. The thicker the clouds. The greyer the horizon.
The minute we arrived in Galway, bloody rain started pouring down on our car.
We changed plans within a minute and sped to the National Aquarium.
And we had a LOVELY time there.
I brought back some snap shots for you.

Klara got to hold a starfish in one of the touch pools.

We saw lots of colourful, sparkling fishies.

We met Nemo.

And we were impressed by the size of this giant lobster. 

And finally, Alfie found the octopus, that I had been looking for in that tank for ages.

After we had seen every single fish and creature in all the different tanks, we left the aquarium and it was still raining. DAMN RAIN!

So we decided to have our picnic in the car. Which was still quite good fun.

And while we were eating and chatting and listening to some tunes and watching the waves in the sea through the front screen of the car....


And we finished our picnic, gobbled down the last sandwich bites and cake crumbs and made our way to Silverstrand Beach as quick as we could.
And we had a BALL there. It was just a very short visit as the sand was rather wet and especially the little man was soaked within no time... but it was GREAT!

If you're ever wondering how to spend a lovely day at the Galway Bay... that's the way to do it!
The Aquarium for a rainy day and Silverstrand Beach for a sunnier one.
Or combine the 2 things the way we did... it was a great day out!


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