3 Apr 2017

Our pets

May I introduce you to our pets!?
We've got quite a few.
Well, we used to have more but this is our current zoo.

He's a Labrador - Collie Mix and we've adopted him in August 2010.
When Gerd was visiting a customer, Bobby jumped into his van.
He was approximately 14 weeks old, had been found in a ditch with his 3 siblings
and nobody wanted him. 
He was in a very bad state.
He had mange and was malnourished and therefore needed very expensive medical treatment.
It was all worth it.
All the visits to the vet, the injections, the baths, the medicine... 
we wouldn't want to be without Bob anymore.

He's really gentle, very good with the kids, patient and calm.
And funny.
Look at him! Look what he does when I try to take a photo of him!

"Bobby! Look! Bobby! Look at me!

Who is a good boy, Bobby!? Look over here!
Aaaah... nearly! THAT's a good boy!

I'm here... BOBBIIIIIE!!! 

Look up! Just for TWO seconds.
Bobby! BOBBY!

I don't know whether he is camera-shy
or simply taking the piss.

Then, there's 

She's a Labrador - English Setter Mix 
and we've adopted her in May 2012.
She's always living in her own little world,
likes to chase her tail and starts barking
as soon as we try to get the kids to sleep. 
Every evening.
She's very friendly, too, a lovely, lively, happy girl but quite nuts most of the time. 
She's a really funny, furry friend and adores the kids
and the kids adore her.

There's just this ONE thing she does that REALLY, REALLY annoys me.
She eats her own poop.
And Bobby's poop.
And Gizmo's poop.
And cat poop.
I'm sure she's got issues there.

Oh... and she doesn't like the beep-beep sound of my camera.
That why she looks at me like this when I forget to turn off that beep-beep:

(Did you get it? Bob and Marley... Bob & Marley...??
Aren't we JUST FUNNY!?? 
Admit it... German's can be funny!)

The youngest member of the gang is

He's a Chihuahua and we've adopted him in March 2016.
He's smaller than a rabbit but he really is the boss
and he behaves like a Rottweiler.
A dangerous, 2 meter tall Rottweiler with shark's teeth.
He barks at strangers, doesn't like adult visitors and is very protective.
He's the only guard dog we have but he
gets on very well with the kids and the kids' buddies
and forgives them all those tiny "accidents" that occur
when a toddler lives with a dog that is as tiny as a toy cat.
Sorry, Gizmo.

Gizmo and Marley are great buddies!
He protects her and uses her as a cushion 
when the ground is too cold for his aristocratic, pure-bred, bare belly.

Last but not least:

We named them Henny, Henny, Henny, Henny and Henny.
They are rescue hens and used to live on a battery farm.
We originally had 9 hens but despite having the vet visiting to treat them 
and to give them injections a few times,
we've lost 4 of them to a parasite. :-(

But these 5 ladies live happy lifes now.
They had very little feathers and looked desperate when they moved in
but now they have fluffy bums and are really noisy chatty.
And they lay delicious, lucky eggs.

These are the animals that live with us at the moment.
Klara would love to have some guinea pigs
and I'd like to have two cats.
But looking after eight animals
and two children is enough for now.

I think.

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