1 Apr 2017

Hello Spring! Hello Garden!

With the weather getting a little nicer,
the sun shining a little warmer and longer
and the rain taking the odd break from falling onto Ireland, 
the gardening season starts again.
And we LOVE working in our garden.

Today, my favourite husband picked up a tiller
at Tullamore Tool Hire
to save a few days time digging over the MAHOOOSIVE potato plot. 

 Boys and their toys. 

A little while ago, my mum and I have sowed peas
and today, Alfie and I discovered some tiny baby pea plants
growing happily in the sheep poop in one of the raised beds. 
How exciting!

Also the herb garden looks quite well.
The lemon balm,...


...and leafy chives are already growing again.

But we've managed to kill the oregano, rosemary and lovage.

We also discovered baby beetroot plants...

baby butterhead lettuce,...

and baby spinach.

The lion's tooth didn't fail to impress!

And our hens! The non-stop cackling in the chicken run!
Cackling hens make me SO HAPPY! 

My mum had planted some spring flowers 
into some of our gazillion flower pots
and arranged them at our front door.
Look at the colours!

And even the babies in our tiny indoor nursery 
are springing up like mad
to catch some of that very rare springtime light!

Like this apple tree...

... as well as these sunflower, lovage and mint seedlings.
They will have to move out, soon. 

Finally, the gardening season is back. 
The winter was really, really long and we can't wait
to work on a few new garden projects we have in mind for this summer.

Enjoy the sun!
Plant a few primroses,
sow some summer flower seeds
or keep a few little pots with herbs on your kitchen windowsill!
Happy gardening, everyone!

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