2 Apr 2017

Living in a small space - The Kitchen

Over the next few days or weeks
I am going to take you on a tour 
around the house we are currently renting.
It's really small for a family of four, soon five,
and we had to find smart storage solutions
and furniture arrangements to fit everything in.
And even though we're living here nearly 1 1/2 years now,
we're still not finished decorating and personalizing 
to make this house suit our taste and needs.
I'd like to change the curtains 
and some of the lamps are still not the ones I'd have picked myself.
But apart from that, we all LOVE our new home.
It is cozy and warm,
bright and airy
and has beautiful views and a lovely, big garden.

I'll start with the kitchen.
It's the biggest room in the house,
the room where we spend most of the time together.
It has big windows facing the garden and a lovely rural landscape.

My cookbook collection
Hot press, toy kitchen and toy workbench.

Table and chairs are Domedeal findings
we have bought and painted a few years ago.

The laptop and Silhouette plotter aren't always there.
They usually live in my workshop.
This corner.
Originally planned to be a small office space.
Now the "let's put all the shit here that has no home but needs to be put somewhere until someone tidies it up or dumps it and where the dog sleeps" space.
The messiest corner in the house.
Needs further attention.

Coming soon:
The Sitting Room.

Stay tuned!

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