5 Apr 2017

Living in a small space - The Sitting Room

This is the smallest sitting room we ever had 
in any of the houses we've lived in.
It is tiny.
And it's not only a sitting room/good room
but also the children's play room.

So we decided to use shelves and boxes to store all the toys,
The Lego and Lego Duplo,
the cars and the train set,
the musical instruments and the cuddle toys,
the nappies and the wipes.
All these things live in individual boxes
which are kept in Kallax shelves.

The TV is a little oversized for the room
but we had it before the last move.
And it's actually fine.

The cables that connect the PS4 with the PS3 with the sattelite receiver 
and the DVD player, with the indirect LED lighting 
and with the surround system... all these cables being all over the place
drive me bananas sometimes.
But there's nothing I can do about them. 

Gerd had the idea to put a few more Kallax shelves up high,
right under the ceiling, over the couch, 
to store our board games and his whiskey collection.
That was really clever and he did a brilliant job!

We used to have a bigger couch,
 but it didn't fit into this small room.
So we've replaced it by a smaller one
that can be converted into a double bed.
Smart, eh?
So now it functions as our 
nursing table, 
play area,
hiding place,
reading spot,
cuddle zone 
and guest room.

We love this space!
It's small,
it's bright,
it's colourful,
it makes us all happy,
it suits us.
A lovely room to make childhood memories.

Coming soon:

The Bedrooms.
Stay tuned!

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