17 Aug 2015

Egg and Spinach Fritters

I love spinach.
So does Gerd.
Klara refuses to eat it.
Every time there's spinach for dinner,
she pulls a face as if I wanted her
to eat a decayed rat.
Alfie had no opinion of spinach at all.
We only presumed he wouldn't like it.
He is the picky one in the family.
As picky as can be.
Spinach is fuzzy fibrous.
Spinach is green.
And spinach doesn't taste like vanilla ice cream.
Therefore, we didn't give it to the little gourmet,
thinking he'd throw it around the place anyway.
He prove us wrong!

He LOVED them!
And while he gobbled down fritter after fritter,
his sister pulled a face.
As if Alfie was eating a decayed rat.
With mouldy worms.
She was disgusted.

But HEY!
They ARE nice, the little fritters.
And easy to make.
And... TADAAA!!!... Healthy!

Here's the recipe for you:

You need
300g frozen spinach
4-5 eggs
100g cottage cheese
1 onion
1 clove of garlic
ground nutmeg
olive oil

Defrost the spinach, squeeze out any excess liquid and chop thoroughly.
Cut the onion into small cubes.
Chop or crush the garlic.

Mix spinach, onion cubes, garlic, eggs and cottage cheese.
Season generously with nutmeg, salt and pepper.

Over medium-high heat,
fry in small batches in olive oil until cooked through.

Enjoy hot or cold.
I don't know if you can fry and defrost them.
We ate them before I could find out.

I had them with some salad and Spanish goat's cheese.


  1. Oh I love spinach, too! And Mr. Gandalf eats everything that can be eaten. The geek will ignore his dislike for fritters to teach picky and generally refusive (is that a word?) Wulfhild a lesson, so spinach fritters it is! Thanks for sharing. Have you tried those broccoli cheese fritters of Mrs. Frische Brise? Those are great, too... yummy...

  2. Tried em and they are fab. Just had Apple sauce with them, sounds yuk but it's awesome :)