18 Aug 2015

But... We LOVE grapes!!!

Klara invited a friend to play.
A lovely girl, I have to add.
And the two are really enjoying each other's company.
I gave them biscuits, drinks and a bowl of grapes.
And they play and run around and chat.
The little boy had just had his nap and is happy.
He sits in the sand pit. Diggin' away.
I took out my laptop to work on the holiday photos again.
While the little people don't seem to need my attention.
And I found the bowl of grapes on the garden table.
Not even been TOUCHED.
The girls totally ignored the now not very cold and crisp any more
 but rather warm and sticky little things.
As they have been left outside
in the sun
for about 3 hours.
Yes, I had GREAT plans to eat them myself now.
Because I don't want to dump them.
And here I sit.
With my laptop.
THINKING I would have a few minutes
to just do some mammy stuff.
But the kids realised that I have THEIR grapes now.
And NOW they want them.
And they come up to me every 20 seconds.
To grab a grape out of the bowl.
And to tell me very important things.
"I like your house!"
(I don't.)
"Look mammy, E. is wearing my bikini!"
(I  bloody saw that.)
"The dog wags his tail!"
(NO WAY!!!)
"My mammy has a laptop, too."
(Do you let her use it at home, though?)
"What does daddy do with the lawn mower, mammy?"
(He'll take the petrol out of it to burn the lawns.
"Look at Alfie! He SITS!"
"Look at the dog! She EATS!"
(Clever pet.)
(Go back into your sand pit, little rascal!)
"We're HUNGRY!!!"
(Well.... you are eating MY grapes! For Christ's sake!!!)
Me gives up.
They can have them.
Little monkeys.
And I'll bring the laptop back inside.
Before I'm going to loose my sanity.
There's a bottle of fermented grapes waiting for me in the fridge.
I'll have them tonight.
When the little people sleep.

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