21 Aug 2015

Sunday in Stradbally

On Sunday we received some weird news
which could have kept us busy thinking and talking
about things we can't change anyway.
So instead of going through all whys and what-ifs again and again,
we packed a little picnic and some spare clothes,
jumped into the car and drove to Stradbally
to visit the Steam Museum.
I did not check for opening hours beforehand,
as I presumed, sure, on a summer Sunday,
they would be open.
They weren't.
So we took a little stroll through the village.
It's a lovely place and not half as grey-coloured
as my photos look like.
We visited St. Patrick's church...

...and lit a few candles.
Something we try to do every time we find a church.
We go inside and light candles for our grandparents
and parents who have already passed away
as well as for our families and friends
to pray for their health, happiness and luck.
It's always nice to be quiet for a little while,
take a quick break from the often so loud and hectic life
and think of the people we love.

A few steps further down the road,
we passed this building,
an old Grain Drying Kiln,
and took a cheeky little look around
We were wondering what people are living in this house now
as it is a really inspiring place,
refurbished with attention to detail
and some quirky artwork.
Can you see the tractor seats?

I love these fancy garden furniture!

And this iron gate.

How lucky these people are
who live here!

Some more photos taken on the main road...

Stradbally Market Square.

After we found this old food mill...

...we popped into a small shop and bought ice cream.

Some doors...

 And a fun guessing game for the postman. :-)
But the highlight of the day
was the local playground.

We spent HOURS there.
It is so well done!
The kids couldn't get enough.

There are things for bigger kids...

...and smallies.

There are some fitness yokes, even.
To entertain the whole family.
Well... some might actually use them
to get fitter.
On Sunday afternoon,
they've been exclusively used as toys, really.


I sat in the grass for a while
and Alfie improved his walking skills.
This was our favourite swing-thing.
Such FUN!
It was a nice day out.
Until Alfie got sick in the car on the way back.
And got sick again after I had just done some
damage limitation with thousands of baby wipes.
Ever tried that?
It doesn't really work.
But yes,
apart from that,
we enjoyed every minute in

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