22 Jul 2015

Wholemeal Breakfast Pancakes

Who doesn't like pancakes for breakfast?
 I think everybody does.
And so do we.
But because Klara shouldn't have 
a lot of plain wheat in her diet
and because I try to feed my beloved ones
with rather healthy food than junk
I made pancakes from wholemeal spelt flour 
this morning. 
And everyone loved them.

Here's the recipe:

- 150g wholemeal spelt flour
(I used Odlums, bought at Tesco)
- 1 tsp baking powder
- ½ tsp salt
- 1 tbsp brown sugar
- 200ml milk
- 1 large egg.
- 2 tbsps melted butter or coconut oil, slightly cooled
-butter or coconut oil for frying

To serve:
- Maple syrup
- Nut Butter
-Fresh Fruit and Cream Cheese
-Jam, Chocolate Spread, Golden Syrup, Lemon Curd...

Sieve the flour and the baking powder,
add sugar and salt.
In a seperate bowl, beat the egg
and mix with the milk.
Add eggmilk and butter/oil to the flour and whisk.
Let stand for a few minutes.

Fry from both sides in a frying pan with a little butter or coconut oil until golden brown.

This is my favourite topping.
It's quite far away from being healthy.
So maybe you don't want to tell your kids
and eat this when they're in bed.
Or at school.
Or you tell them it's something only adults can have.
Like whisky or Guinness.
I don't know if that would work, though.
It's crunchy peanut butter,
chocolate spread
and Golden Syrup.
We call them "Snickers Pancakes".
Try this!!!


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