3 Jul 2015

Fresh Cheese Strawberry Tart

Make a sweet short crust pastry dough.
I used THIS RECIPE and it turned out very well.
Roll it out and put it into a greased, round baking tin.
Bake in the oven until its edges slightly browned.
For me, it took about 20mins at 160 degrees Celsius
in the Fan assisted oven.
Let it cool on a rack.
In a small bowl,
mix 3tbsp cream cheese with
3tbsp fromage frais.
Add a tiny bit of Vanilla Powder
or any other vanilla flavouring you like.
And if you have a sweet tooth
add some sugar.
Wash a punnet of strawberries,
cut off the green bits
and slice or cube or chop them.
Whatever you like best.
Spread the cream cheese mix onto the baked, cooled tart base.
Toss the strawberries on top.
Eat immediately.


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