9 Jul 2015

Hello from Germany!

The kids and I are currently visiting
our family in Germany.

And we're having a lovely time!

Klara and Alfie have been just SO good at
Dublin Airport and during the flight.
Yes, I was quite surprised myself.

We've spent the first 2 days in Cologne
with my sister Kicki and Ralf,
 my brother-in-law-to-be.
It was sooooo hot. 
But wonderful!

We bathed in the River Rhine.

We got to know "Espresso de Luxe",
Kicki's new pet.
And Klara test-drove it.

There was a pet farm...

...and fun time in a pretty little park.

We stayed up late 
as it was too hot to sleep
before 11pm.

We splashed with buckets of water
on the balcony.

We had some ice-cold beer
and German fast food.

And we realised,
how childfriendly Ireland is
compare to Germany.

Enjoy your summer!


1 comment:

  1. How sad, that second to last sentence... What happened? Just the general super-friendly Germans, suffering from your misbehaving children's noise? How dare they play, these two brats!
    Hugs from near the city in the West,