28 May 2015

Sunday Impressions

After 2 crazy Birthday Party days Sunday came.
A really lazy one.
I couldn't be bothered to take down the decorations, the gift wrapping paper was still flying about, crumbs all over the floor, toys everywhere, the kitchen a mess... I didn't care.
Getting ready for this birthday, baking, organising, getting dressed up, then entertaining a little group of 5-6 year olds, feeding them, making them happy, dry tears, dance and laugh with them, moderate games, creep around the floor 3027 times to search for bouncy balls... (What a lovely idea, to let them play with bouncy balls in the house. Not.)
I was wrecked after all. It was fun, it was a beautiful day, the kids were lovely and happy but still... it was hard work, too.
So, Sunday came, I did NOTHING at all.
Klara put on her pirate costume again. Not very sunday-y but she was happy.
I fed them cake leftovers, sweets and crisps.
We played with the new toys. 
I nearly fell asleep on the couch around lunch time.
And then Gerd said, he would love to take his family for a walk.
To get a bit of fresh air.
To let Klara try her new scooter.
I really did NOT want to go. But I did go. Luckily, I did.
And I took the camera.

Alfie and I got a go on the scooter. Well... I just took it off her. Klara looks concerned there, because she thought, Alfie was to heavy for the scooter.
Poor Alfie... 

We found a wood gnome.

We breathed fresh, summery air 
and listened to all the singing birds.

We played with the camera settings.

We climbed a tree.

We found flowers.

We held hands.

We had fruit for dinner.
Well, before we had visitors.
Then, we served bags of crisps for dinner.
Just because we're so very, very hospitable.
And there was nothing edible left in the fridge.

That was Sunday.
A rather good one.



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    1. Thank you, Janine!
      I'm still trying to get used to my new camera, though! But I'm getting better.