17 May 2015

Our weekend 16./17. May 2015

We teeniesitted our friend's kids (10 & 13 yrs) this weekend.
I didn't know what was going to happen and therefore I was ready for everything.
For them bitching, fighting, screaming, refusing to eat my food, noise, overtired kids, discussions about bed time... all that teenager's parents stuff I thought teenager's parents are dealing with all the time.

But: It was FINE! Nobody bitched, nobody fought, screamed, discussed bed time or annoyed me in any way. They ate the food I made, we spent a lovely day in Athlone yesterday and all day at home today. There were waffles, movies, cakes, games, chats and the days and the night just passed by and everybody had a lovely time. Ha!!!

Come here, teenager's parents out there!!! What's the big deal, like??? Here's my ultimate tip for how to cope living with youngsters: Only live with them for two days. Ever. Within these 2 days, feed them cake and spaghetti, let them stay up late, let them play with their tablet PC's and mobile phones as long as they want, ignore them when they talk shite and make sure that they are neither your own kids nor staying with you for more than 36 hours.

Be grand!!! It IS that easy. Trust me! I tried it and it worked. :-D

Oh... and look at this easy peasy and uber quickly prepared salad:

It's chopped iceberg lettuce, cherry tomato halves and mini mozzarella halves tossed into a colourful bowl. Olive oil and balsamic vinegar drizzled over it and freshly ground pepper and sea salt added to taste. I LOVE the colours, the crispiness and the simple and delicious taste of it. And the kids did, too. 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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