18 May 2015

Raspberry Dessert Day

Today was a rather normal day.
The weather was crap and I ruined the only raincoat I have had. But apart from that... all good.

In the afternoon, Klara and I spent time in the kitchen together. She did her homework while I prepared the dinner and Alfie took his Lego Duplo digger for about 496 crawls around the dinig table.

And because we deserved it, Klara made some delicious treats for tonight. I helped here and there but she really did most of it on her own.

She whipped some cream and mixed it with bold, 10% fatty, creamy Greek yoghurt.
She crumbled meringues and tried them to make sure they were nice and sweet enough. And she tried them again. And crumbled a few more and tried them again and crumbled and tried and crumbled... so at the end, we needed the whole little bucket of mini meringues for 4 desserts. Had to be done!
She then licked washed her hands and spooned a layer of the yoghurt into 4 whiskey jars. On top of that went some meringue crubs, followed by a layer of fresh raspberries. Then Yoghurt again, then raspberries, then meringue. Into the fridge they went until after dinner.
And after she did all the hard work, it was just fair enough that I had to do the cleaning up after.

They were absolutely delicious! 
But more then eating mine, I enjoyed the time I spent with Klara today while taste-testing meringues, chit-chatting and making  "Rasperry clouds in jars". She called them that. And there's no better name for them. 


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