28 Feb 2016

Sunday, 28th Feb 2016


 We've started our Sunday with a baking session and made fluffy, buttery,
 croissant-like breakfast rolls.

They turned out great!
Really yum!
After a long breakfast feast,
we all got dressed and went outside
to get to know the new garden a bit better
and to do some outdoor spring cleaning.

We all got a bit hungry around lunch time,
so we had some defrosted apple crumble cake
and hot chocolate.
We ignored the mess in the kitchen and went outside again.
We found the first spring flowers and the garden toys
which hadn't been unpacked yet.

Alfie got bored of the garden after a while
and wanted to go for a walk in the field behind the house.

I started cutting the lawns after our little walk until it got too dark and cold.
Gerd bathed the kids while I tidied up the kitchen
and cooked a prawn curry.
And made a fancy dessert.
From a pack.
With whipped cream.
From a can.
I cleaned up the kitchen
and gift-wrapped this T-Shirt
I made for a friends' boy's 1st birthday.
The kids sleep
and Gerd and I spend the rest of the evening
together on the couch
before a new, busy week begins in the morning.
I hope your Sunday was as nice as ours!




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