14 Oct 2015

No nap and a sick hen

Today, Alfie decided that he was a big boy.
And big boys don't nap.
Big boys play with toy cars instead.
And with toy cars storage boxes.

This was the first nap-free day in Alfie's life.
And it went quite well.
Later, he helped me to feed the hens.

And we discovered, that Henny,
the speckled hen in the picture,
has a sore leg.
She hobbles around the place,
the right leg held up. Most of the time.
Poor Henny!
We really hope, she'll be better, soon.

Alfie tried the
"I'll give her all the corn I have"-cure.
I'll let you know, if it worked.

Well... I kind of missed my midday-break today.
But the little man sleeps now.
And he went to bed not offering the tiniest bit of resistance.
Good boy, Alfie!
Maybe it's nap day again tomorrow.
Maybe not.
Klara gave up daytime naps at the same age.
Nothing would surprise me, so.

1 comment:

  1. But he has never been much of a napper, right? Exciting times ahead, with such a big boy in the house. I knock on wood that he understands Mommy's need for a midday coffee break...
    Hugs from Germany,